This is a crash course in an evidence based approach to starting solids for momma's who want to be confident that they are providing their little ones with appropriate nutrition from the start. This course focuses on tactics to promote the overall health and wellbeing of the child while preventing against picky eating and texture adversions through the self-feeding approach.

Class Content:

  • Signs Baby Is Ready To Start Solids
  • The Best First Foods For Baby
  • Safe Feeding Environment
  • Nutrient Dense Meals
  • Why Is Nutrition So Important During This Age?
  • Reducing The Risk For Picky Eating
  • How To Read Nutrition Label For Littles
  • Starting Solid Product Essentials
  • Top Allergens and How To Introduce


You will also receive my "20-page Dietitian Approved Packaged Snacks Ebook," "Starting Solids 101 Handout," and my "Ideas For First Finger Foods Handout."

Extra Bonus: You have the opportunity to email me with any follow-up questions you may have after reviewing the class and materials provided!!!